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McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus is your one source for Vane,
Turbine, Gas, and Hydraulic air starters.

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McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus is an independent manufacturers reseller of Air Starters, Parts and more in the Marine Industry.
McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus is an independent manufacturers reseller of Air Starters, Parts and more in the Gas Industry.
McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus is an independent manufacturers reseller of Air Starters, Parts and more in the Oil Industry.
McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus is an independent manufacturers reseller of Air Starters, Parts and more in the Mining Industry.

Repairs & Remanufactured

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We offer a full line of air starters replacement parts and remanufactured units. McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus (MCCASP) is your one-stop shop for all air starters’ components and repairs. We offer new air starters, remanufactured, motors for sale or exchange. We also have a full line of parts on most units that we offer too.
Repair and Remanufactured Air Starters

Air Starter Repairs & Remanufactured Air Starters

McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus’s air starting systems are remanufactured with high-quality industry standards. We are able to supply both new and remanufactured air starters across the nation. We have the experience and knowledge, products and parts to provide services to keep your equipment running. Eliminate costly downtime. Our catalog of OEM parts, service kits, repair kits, and accessories come from the major manufacturers of air starters.
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
Remanufactured air starters from MCCASP provide our customers with an economical option for a product of exceptional quality, durability, and longevity that is guaranteed by MCCASP dedication to using only genuine parts. Our remanufactured starters are built by factory trained technicians using a combination of genuine used and genuine new components. All used components are re-qualified for rebuilding using McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus’s inspection process that ensures a quality remanufactured product.
For all manufacturer makes and models, our parts include but are not limited to: O-rings, gaskets, seals, bearings, vanes/turbine rotors, pinions, motor housings, shafts, gears, end plates, cylinders, vane rotors, etc.  Each starter is also equipped with a remanufactured drive.


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When a customer orders a remanufactured air starter, the remanufactured starter price is based on receiving a starter core of the same model and type. MCCASP charges for the remanufactured starter without a core charge. If the correct core is received by our office within 15 days, the transaction is complete; however, if the core is not received within 15 days or the incorrect core is returned, the customer is billed a core charge. MCCASP also offers a remanufactured air starter without the return of your original starter core, this helps in lowering shipping costs and additional downtime.
All Air Starters Plus remanufactured starters are delivered to the customer with a standard orientation. If your application requires a specific orientation in order to accommodate your engine or air piping, please let us know when ordering.


McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus remanufactured air starters are the most reliable systems. MCCASP maintains the industry’s leading supplier of remanufactured air starters. Our exchange program provides fast and reliable service during critical times when your engine is down. Trust McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus for your remanufactured Air Starters. This service has restrictions if you are located outside the United States. Please contact us for details. We offer vane and turbine remanufactured air starters to the following industries:
  • Marine engines
  • Offshore units
  • Generator sets
  • Industry - Oil and Gas
  • Mining equipment
  • Off-highway vehicles
  • Trucks and buses
McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus offers new and remanufactured Vane and Turbine Starters for gas and diesel engine applications. We recognize the importance of a reliable engine starting system. McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus repaired and replacement parts are a flexible and efficient alternative to electric starters. Our Air Starters have a high Power-To-Weight ratio and are used in hostile and adverse onshore and offshore conditions.
Remanufactured Air Starter
Our clients can count on us when valuable equipment is down or needs parts to complete a job or project. Contact McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus for a free consultation. We can evaluate your specific requirements and offer a competitive quote. Contact us for your air starter repairs and remanufactured air starters!

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